AICPA CEO: Time to reimagine the CPA profession

Posted 6/18/2018

AICPA president and chief executive Barry Melancon has used a keynote speech at the Institute’s annual Engage event in Las Vegas to encourage accountants to reimagine their profession and embrace technology in a more comprehensive way. He noted that that CPA firms and consultancies need to make better use of cloud technology, blockchain, and bots. Also speaking, AICPA chair Eric Hansen argued that tax issues can be better represented by accountants: “With social media and access to info on the internet, a lot of our clients are getting misled on tax issues — our professionals are spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with misinformation. We’re trying to stimulate interest in, and excitement about, the changes that are happening in the tax area. This is an area that’s evolving rapidly, away from compliance toward a holistic suite of services and skills.”

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